Wilsons Carepreg (softgels)

DailyCal (Effervescent Tablets)

What is it?

CarePreg is a prenatal nutritional supplement which contains 12 valuable vitamins & 6 valuable minerals which help improve physical and mental performance of the mother and fetus during pregnancy. As a result there would be healthy pregnancy.

Health Benefits

CarePreg may help::

  • CarePreg may contribute to support healthy neural tube development.
  • CarePreg helps improve mental performance, normal DNA synthesis and energy levels.
  • CarePreg contains potent anti-oxidant defence and ensures vitality.
  • CarePreg is available in softgels which ensures no after taste, easy-to-swallow and fast absorption.
  • CarePreg is sugar free and sodium free therefore may safely be administered in Hypertensive & Diabetic patients.
  • Unlike other prenatal nutritional supplements, CarePreg does not contain vitamin A and hence avoid teratogenic side effects during pregnancy.

  • Directions of Use

    2 softgels per day with a glass of water or as advised by the healthcare professional.


    CarePreg is available in a Jar containing 30 softgels.

    Supplementary Facts:Halal

    Each softgel contains:

    Magnesium75 mg
    Vitamin D3200 IU
    Vitamin E2 mg
    Vitamin C35 mg
    Vitamin B11.5 mg
    Vitamin B21 mg
    Vitamin B310 mg
    Vitamin B65 mg
    Folic Acid200 mcg
    Vitamin B123 mcg
    Vitamin K35 mcg
    Iron8.5 mg
    Selenium15 mcg
    Zinc7.5 mg
    Iodine70 mcg
    Pantothenic Acid3 mg
    Biotin75 mcg
    Copper500 mcg

    Disclaimer: Studies may be furnished on Medical Practitioners  demand.

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