Wilson’s Allmen (Capsules)

Wilson’s Allmen (Capsules)


What is it?

Allmen is a right combination of 13 valuable vitamins & 12 valuable minerals which helps improve males’ quality of life, general weakness and fatigue so that males can live life with vitality. Allmen offers zinc selenium, chromium and vitamin C which are basic requirement of males. According to journal of human nutrition and dietetics, South Korea-High consumption of vitamins and minerals through early adulthood could help delay the early process of aging.

Health Benefits

Wilson’s Allmen may help::

  • To support men’s nutritional health, immune health, heart health, bone health and eye health, Allmen contains extra B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin D and plant sourced calcium.
  • Allmen contains potent anti-oxidant defence and ensures vitality.
  • Allmen helps avoid oxidative stress by combating oxidation and reducing the risk of memory loss, dermatitis, heart attack, kidney failure and aging.

Directions of Use

Allmen is available in capsules form.
2 capsules daily with food or as advised by the healthcare professional.


Allmen capsules are available in a Jar containing 30 capsules.

Supplementary Facts:Halal

Each 2 capsules contain:

Vitamin A (as 29% Beta-carotene)3500 IU
Vitamin B11.2 mg
Vitamin B21.3 mg
Vitamin B316 mg
Vitamin B515 mg
Vitamin B62 mg
Vitamin B9200 mcg
Vitamin B126 mcg
Vitamin C90 mg
Vitamin D1000 IU
Vitamin E45 IU
Vitamin K160 mcg
Biotin40 mcg
Calcium (Red Algae)210 mg
Iron8 mg
Phosphorus20 mg
Iodine150 mcg
Magnesium100 mg
Zinc11 mg
Selenium100 mcg
Copper0.9 mg
Manganese2.3 mg
Chromium35 mcg
Molybdenum50 mcg
Potassium80 mg

Disclaimer: Studies may be furnished on Medical Practitioners demand.

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