Seacal (Tablet)

Seacal (sachets)

What is it?

Almost every calcium supplement on the market is made from marble or limestone. Major British Medical Journal studies, involving thousands of participants, show traditional limestone calcium supplements are increasing heart attack risk. Consumption of large quantities of non-food calcium supplements gets deposited in arterial plaque. This calcified arterial plaque blocks arteries, causing an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. A recent study published in BMJ reports 30% increased risk of MI (Myocardial Infarction) & the composite of MI or stroke with use of traditional calcium supplements with or without vitamin D.
For the 1st time in Pakistan, SeaCal, which is 100% plant sourced calcium, derived from Red Marine Algae with naturally occurring magnesium , rich in over 70 naturally occurring minerals fortified with vitamin D3, K2, C, B6 & Zinc. SeaCal is the balanced calcium supplement for optimum bone health. It enhances bone mineral density to a greater extent than other mineral sources. SeaCal is highly effective for nourishing bone and joint health. SeaCal with a highly bio-available, bio-active, and long-lasting form of Vitamin K2, helps to direct calcium into bones where it is needed, and helps to keep calcium away from arteries, where it is not needed.

Health Benefits

  • Extraordinary effect on human bone building cells is due to the mineral complex naturally found in SeaCal.
  • SeaCal increases Bone Mass.
  • SeaCal is well absorbed and utilised in the body due to the following 3 special features;
    • It has a unique porous 'honeycomb-like' structure which reacts particularly well in the digestive system giving it enhanced absorption properties.
    • It contains molecules which have a very large surface area which enhances solubility and rapid ionization of the calcium, resulting in better absorption.
    • It contains other important minerals necessary for the absorption of calcium including magnesium, boron, zinc, strontium and iodine.
  • SeaCal is enriched with Vitamin K2. Its deficiency may lead to loss of Calcium in the bone and reduces the quality of bone remodeling. Vitamin K2 helps promote bone health and preserve bone mineral density that reduces the risk of bone fracture ratio.
  • Vitamin K2 in SeaCal, fights heart diseases by controlling calcium regulating proteins in vascular tissues. Vitamin K 2 keeps calcium away from the arteries and prevents the formation of dangerous calcified plaques.
  • SeaCal is body friendly, easy to swallow, has better solubility and is non-constipating.
  • Directions of Use

    SeaCal is available in tablets & sachets.
    Tablets: Adults, pregnant & lactating mothers: 1 to 2 tablets of SeaCal daily or as advised by the physician.
    Sachets: Adults, pregnant & lactating mothers: 1 to 2 sachets / day or as advised by the physician. Children: 1/2 to 1 sachet / day or as advised by the physician. Mix entire contents of sachet in a glass of water approximately 225 ml & drink.


    SeaCal Tablets are available in a jar containing 30 tablets.
    SeaCal Sachets are available in a box containing 10 sachets.

    Supplementary Facts:Halal

    Each tablet contains:

    Calcium (From Red Algae)1000mg1000mg
    Vitamin D3 400 IU400 IU
    Vitamin K2 25mcg25mcg
    Vitamin C50mg50mg
    Iron 2mg 2mg
    Vitamin B610mg10mg
    Zinc Citrate 5mg 5mg
    Magnesium 32mg 32mg

    DISCLAIMER: Studies can be furnished to Medical Practitioners on demand.

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