Wilson’s CranPure Tablets

Wilson’s CranPure Effervescent

What is it?

CranPure contains Cranberry Juice Extract (vaccinium macrocarpon) a natural approach to help manage pain and burning sensation associated with UTI through botanical intervention. Cranberries are the fruit of native plant of North America. These red berries are used in food and in herbal products. Frequent antibiotic usage can result in vaginal and intestinal dysbiosis as well as bacterial resistance.Thus,it is desirable to seek alternative method to avoid UTIs in women and men.

Health Benefits

CranPure may help::
CranPure may help::

  • CranPure (cranberry juice extract) may help to inhibit the multi-drug resistant E.coli adherence on uroepithelial cell to an extent of about 70%.
  • CranPure may help to reduce the chances of UTI relapse.
  • CranPure (cranberry juice extract) is recommended by American Pregnancy Association for UTIs and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certified by FDA.
  • Palatable taste of CranPure (cranberry juice extract) helps offer better patients ‘compliance
  • CranPure effervescent helps offer fast dissolution and quick absorption, easier for the people with swallowing difficulties, compliance through pleasant taste and enhance liquid intake.
  • Directions of Use

    Adults: Take 1 to 2 tablets of CranPure daily or as advised by the healthcare professional. Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water approximately 225 ml & drink.


    CranPure is available in a pack of 10 effervescent tablets

    Supplementary Facts:Halal

    Each effervescent tablet contains:

    Cranberry Juice Extract (vaccinium macrocarpon) : Halal 250 mg

    Disclaimer: Studies may be furnished on Medical Practitioners ‘demand.

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