Plant-Sourced Iron

What is it?

For the first time in Pakistan, IroPure has been introduced ,which is 100% plant-sourced Iron, extracted from Murraya Koenigii- a plant from Rutaceae family, with naturally occurring vitamin C. IroPure is rich in over 50 trace elements. IroPure is a balanced herbal product for optimum Iron replenishment. It helps provide 100% absorption as compare to other traditional Iron formulations. Iron from curry leaf results in better absorption of Iron which may improve oxygen transportation.

Almost every Iron supplement available in the market is made from rocks. Major medical journals like BMJ and Nutraceautical journal studies show that IroPure provide potent anti-oxidant activity. A recent study published in International Research Journal of Biological sciences reports that besides haematinic, IroPure have anti-diarrheal, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & cytotoxic activities.

Organic minerals found in IroPure are living & have ionic bond that body may easily break down in usable materials for tissue repair and function. Inorganic minerals never live & cannot bring life to our cells. They are metals and body treats them more as toxins which may have hazardous effects on human body.

Health Benefits

IroPure may provide 100% absorption with no G.I.Disturbances due to the following 3 features:

  • IroPure is in ionic form which may easily break down in body without causing digestion problems.
  • IroPure, which is Plant-sourced Iron is friendlier to the digestive tract than other forms of iron extracted from rocks which causes stomach irregularities-constipation and diarrhea.
  • IroPure offers convenient once-daily dosage schedule.

IroPure has naturally occurring vitamin-C, which may help in iron absorption.Murraya Koenigii leaf is a multipotential medicinal plant. Plant-sourced iron has significant haematinic activity and may be safe even at relatively high concentration.

Directions of Use

IroPure is available in Capsules.

Capsules: Take 2 capsules daily preferably with meal or as recommended by the healthcare practitioner.


IroPure capsules are available in a jar containing 30 capsules.

Supplementary Facts

Ingredients Capsules
Iron (From curry leaf) 9mg

DISCLAIMER: Studies can be furnished to Medical Practitioners on demand.